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MIS Reports
  1. Physical Progress Reports
    1. High level physical progress report
    2. Year wise house completed report
    3. Gap between Stages: Target to Account Verification
    4. Gap between Stages: Account Verification to House Completion
    5. Gap in entry of Targets
    6. Registration and sanction details(drillable upto beneficiary level)
    7. Panchayat wise incomplete houses(drillable upto beneficiaries level)
  2. Financial Progress Reports
    1. Annual target and allocation
    2. Unit assistance and installment details
    3. High level financial progress report
    4. Available fund as per MIS
  3. Social Progress Reports
    1. Gender-wise houses sanctioned and completed
    2. Category-wise houses sanctioned and completed
  4. GIS Reports
    1. Scheme wise and inspection level wise status of mobile app data
    2. Abstract Mobile Inspection Report.
  5. SECC Reports
    1. Category-wise SECC data summary
    2. Status of priority list verification by gram sabha
    3. Status of Mapped SECC Villages to GPs of AwaasSoft
    4. Category-wise SECC data Verification Summary
  1. E-FMS Reports
    1. Account verification abstract
    2. Fund transfer order (FTO) abstract
    3. DSC enrollment status
    4. Debit account details
    5. Beneficiaries registered,accounts frozen and verified
    6. FTO transaction summary
    7. Accounts for which same installment payment initiated twice
    8. Beneficiaries for whom same installment payment initiated twice
    9. Payments rejected by bank
    10. FTO pendency with banks
    11. Block wise account and contact of beneficiaries
    12. FTO transaction summary[Installment Wise]
    13. Category wise FTO generated
    14. Identified false success/reject cases
  2. Convergence Reports
    1. Convergence(drillable upto Panchayat level)
    2. Status of Aadhar/Job Card/SBM/SECC/Mobile no. seeded in MIS
    3. Status of Aadhar/MGNREGA Job Card no. abstract
    4. House Sanction vs Work Creation in MGNREGA
  3. Social Audit Reports
    1. Beneficiary details for verification
    2. Social audit report(Only District level)